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The Studio @ OGM Taking Shape

We're often asked, "So what's through that door?", at the back of the shop. Prior to OGM, the building housed St. John Auto Repair in the rear section. This space is what drew us to the building, as the sign painting business grew and the signs got larger. To have a huge overheard door and 20' ceilings seemed like a dream! As the construction on the retail space in the front got underway, the "studio" space took a back seat, becoming overflow storage and a big, cold concrete room. We've been saving our pennies and decided to take the leap into finishing the studio this spring. Follow along here for all the updates on construction, finishing touches and most exciting......the new class and demonstration schedule!!

The first step in construction in the space was to CLEAR IT OUT!! A new wall will be constructed to divide the space, creating a sawdust area and a clean studio area....also holding the heat inside!

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