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Salvaged Doors and a Brand New Wall

Ignore the clutter in the foreground and focus on that gorgeous wall taking shape! The wall is finished on the workshop side, insulated and now getting finished on the studio side. The double door frame is in place and ready for the BEAUTIFUL old doors to be hung.

Today we're going to talk a little bit about my FAVORITE architectural salvage shop. When we decided to build this wall and finish the studio I knew I wanted a tall double door leading from the studio to the workshop. I don't know if you've priced a tall double door anytime lately but HOLE. E. COW. Old is better anyway! I sent a quick message to Jeanine at Peoria Architectural Salvage to inquire about any double doors she had in stock. Ask and you shall receive!

Jeanine sent four options, all beautiful, unique and full of history. Since the studio will be heated and cooled, but the workshop won't we felt the best fit for our project would be the solid oak doors. The original double door locking mechanism is still intact and the doors are HEAVY, at 89" tall. The doors were salvaged from a church slated for demolition.

Our trip to Peoria Architectural Salvage was so much fun. Jeanine and Thomas have curated an AMAZING collection of architectural artifacts. Everything from gorgeous stained glass windows to enormous fireplace mantels and everything in between can be found in their shop.

This project is the second collaboration for OGM and Peoria Architectural Salvage. The first project was in the retail shop construction. I had an unreasonable obsession with having a REALLY tall door leading from the shop down into the studio. After spending hours pouring over all the options in Peoria I was finally able to decide on a door that needed a little TLC, but was super tall and had so much character.

We hauled this enormous door back to Iowa, sanded, filled and painted with glossy white paint. The end result is exactly what I wanted for the space. The antique door knob makes a quirky little click every time the door opens. Just perfect for a shop with a lot of quirks!

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