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Do You Really Need Those Sour Gummi Piglets?

It's hard to dispute, none of us really needs sour gummi piglets. In this unprecedented time of suffering in the world we've all stepped back to assess what we can live without and what we can't (apparently that's toilet paper for a lot of folks). Thousands of people all over the country are facing all of our fears everyday to provide basic services, medical care and food.

In our own household our family is staying healthy, with the exception of myself. My struggle with a "presumed Covid 19 diagnosis" has been long and rocky, but there are no complaints. I'm alive, recovering and spending more time with my teenage boys than they ever thought they would be forced to endure. We're fortunate my husband can work from home and minimize contact with the outside world.

There is another struggle going on up and down main streets all over the United States (and the world). Businesses, whether by mandate or by volunteer measures have shuttered their doors and clambered to figure out how to pay the mortgage, keep the lights on and pay employees, while not operating in their normal processes. Here in Clarence, business owners of all varieties are making due with the circumstances they have been presented.

Now back to the sour gummi piglets. At Onion Grove Mercantile the piglets have become synonymous with the fun, quirky, bring a smile to your face kinda atmosphere I try to promote. There is more than one five year old who calls my shop "the piglet shop". Does anyone NEED those piglets right now? Probably not, but if you're looking for a bit of a pick me up, want to ship a little sunshine to a friend or need your children to have just a bit more sugar, please check out the new online Onion Grove Mercantile shop.

You'll find a small sampling of what we offer in the shop, and to be honest, the things that seemed easiest and safest to ship right now. We'll be adding more and more to the online portal in the next few weeks, but like I mentioned above, the mortgage needs to be paid and the lights need to be kept on, so we'll start here. I hope you'll consider investigating how your favorite shops are weathering this storm and reach out to purchase a little something you might not need, but it will sure put a smile on a shopkeeper's face.

Until we can meet again, please know I'm missing all of you.


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